Eurographics / IEEE Symposium on Visualization, May 31–June 3, Bergen, Norway Visit Bergen, the gateway to the fjords!

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University of Bergen, Norway
Eurographics Association IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community

Presenter Information

If you are presenting at the EuroVis Symposium, the following information might be useful for you


  • We kindly ask to provide a one slide with a teaser image of your work, which we will use during the session breaks.  You can find an according template here.  Please, send the slide to until Friday, May 27.
  • You are free to use your own powerpoint templates for your presentation.  However, we do also provide a EuroVis powerpoint template, which you can find here (slightly different from previous one).

Technical information

The following specification applies:
  • Projector resolution: 1024x768
  • Interface: VGA, MAC adapter will be available
  • Audio: 3.5 mm minijack stereo
  • Laser-pointer will be available
  • There will be a laptop available with Windows 7 / Office 2010
  • If you do not have a European power plug, please, make sure to bring an adapter.


There are two presentation rooms, Terminus Hall and Forskjønnelsen. Please identify early enough which is the room where your talk should be held. In the Symposium Program for each day you will find two columns where sessions in the left column are in Terminus Hall and the sessions in the right column are in Forskjønnelsen room. For EuroVA, keynote, and capstone sessions the talks are held in the Terminus Hall.


Both rooms are equipped with projectors of 1024x768 resolution with the VGA connector.  For HDMI, DVI, or Mac display connectors, please secure appropriate convertors yourself or check for availability of such convertor with the EuroVis organizers at the help desk / registration desk.  The same holds for the power plug, Norway uses the Type F CEE 7/4 (German "Schuko" 16 A/250 V grounded) power plug standard.
Projector in the Terminus Hall has light output of 4500 ANSI Lumen and the projector in Forskjønnelsen has 3000 ANSI Lumen. In Forskjønnelsen the curtains cannot completely block the incoming sun light, you should be aware of the fact that it is quite likely that the contrast will not be exactly the same as on a computer screen. We advise you to use more contrast colors in order to provide a more visible projected presentation.
The presenters are free to use their own hardware, but we advise you to check your presentation before the actual talk. Our staff is ready to assist you with testing, during the coffee breaks, lunch breaks, before or after the daily scientific program. Additionally to display, the following hardware is at your disposal: USB presenter with laserpointer, 3,5 mm minijack stereo for sound, wireless head-mounted or cloth-mounted microphones and the speaker table.


The presentation laptops provided by the EuroVis organization are equipped with Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 and Acrobat Reader X on Windows 7 operating system. Standard video codecs have been installed from a widely used K-lite codec pack. Video playback can be integrated in the presentation slides or externally VLC media player can be used. If you have any additional software requirement please contact the EuroVis helpdesk. You are free to use your own powerpoint templates. However, we do also provide a EuroVis powerpoint template, which you can find here.