Eurographics / IEEE Symposium on Visualization, May 31–June 3, Bergen, Norway Visit Bergen, the gateway to the fjords!

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University of Bergen, Norway
Eurographics Association IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community


Program EuroVis 2011

A preview of the printed program is available here.

EuroVis 2011 - Best Papers

We are happy to congratulate the authors of the best papers at EuroVis 2011:

  1. Wolfgang Berger, Harald Piringer, Peter Filzmoser, M. Eduard Gröller: Uncertainty-Aware Exploration of Continuous Parameter Spaces Using Multivariate Prediction
  2. Erik Anderson, Kristin Potter, Laura Matzen, Jason Shepherd, Gilbert Preston, Claudio Silva: A User Study of Visualization Effectiveness Using EEG and Cognitive Load
  3. Suthambhara Nagaraj, Vijay Natarajan, Ravi S. Nanjundiah: A Gradient-Based Comparison Measure for Visual Analysis of Multifield Data

Tuesday, May 31

8:00 Registration for EuroVA (also open for participants of EuroVis!)
9:00 EuroVA 2011
18:00 Registration for EuroVis
19:00 Reception (for both EuroVA and EuroVis)

Wednesday, June 1

8:00 Registration
9:00 Symposium Opening Session
  Terminus Hall; chair: Ivan Viola
9:30 Keynote: Scott McCloud / Comics: A Medium in Transition
10:30 Coffee Break
  2D Visualization by Aggregation Molecular Data Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Rüdiger Westermann Forskjønnelsen; chair: Frits Post
11:00 Curve Density Estimates  (Ove Daae Lampe, Helwig Hauser) Topology-based Visualization of Transformation Pathways in Complex Chemical Systems  (Kenes Beketayev, Gunther Weber, Maciej Haranczyk, Peer-Timo Bremer, Mario Hlawitschka, Bernd Hamann)
11:25 Visual Coherence for Large-Scale Line-Plot Visualizations  (Philipp Muigg, Markus Hadwiger, Helmut Doleisch, Eduard Gröller) Illustrative Molecular Visualization with Continuous Abstraction  (Matthew van der Zwan, Wouter Lueks, Henk Bekker, Tobias Isenberg)
11:50 Progressive Splatting of Continuous Scatterplots and Parallel Coordinates  (Julian Heinrich, Sven Bachthaler, Daniel Weiskopf) Interactive Exploration of Protein Cavities  (Michael Krone, Martin Falk, Sascha Rehm, Jürgen Pleiss, Thomas Ertl)
12:30 Lunch
  Temporal Data VisualizationText and Document Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Krešimir Matković Forskjønnelsen; chair: Peter Bak
13:45 A Visual Analytics Approach for Peak-Preserving Prediction of Large Seasonal Time Series  (Ming Hao, Halldór Janetzko, Sebastian Mittelstädt, Water Hill, Umeshwar Dayal, Daniel Keim, Manish Marwah, Ratnesh Shama) PaperVis: Literature Review Made Easy  (Jia-kai Chou, Chuan-kai Yang)
14:10 Visual Exploration of Time-Series Data with Shape Space Projections  (Matthew Ward, Zhenyu Guo) Exploring Collections of Tagged Text for Literary Scholarship  (Michael Correll, Michael Witmore, Michael Gleicher)
14:35 Interactive Visual Analysis of Temporal Cluster Structures  (Cagatay Turkay, Julius Parulek, Nathalie Reuter, Helwig Hauser) Semantic-Preserving Word Cloud Generation by Seam Carving  (Yingcai Wu, Thomas Provan, Shixia Liu, Furu Wei, Kwan-Liu Ma)
15:00 Coffee Break

Flow Visualization Evaluation
  Terminus Hall; chair: Xavier Tricoche Forskjønnelsen; chair: Charl Botha
15:30 Efficient Parallel Vectors Feature Extraction from Higher-Order Data  (Christian Azambuja Pagot, Daniel Köhler Osmari, Filip Sadlo, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl, João Luiz Dihl Comba) A User Study of Visualization Effectiveness Using EEG and Cognitive Load  (Erik Anderson, Kristin Potter, Laura Matzen, Jason Shepherd, Gilbert Preston, Claudio Silva)
15:55 Lagrangian Coherent Structures with Guaranteed Material Separation  (Tobias Germer, Mathias Otto, Ronald Peikert, Holger Theisel) Evaluation of the Visibility of Vessel Movement Features in Trajectory Visualizations  (Niels Willems, Huub van de Wetering, Jarke J. van Wijk)
16:20 Energy-scale aware feature extraction for flow visualization  (Armin Pobitzer, Murat Tutkun, Øyvind Andreassen, Raphael Fuchs, Ronald Peikert, Helwig Hauser) Perceptual Evaluation of Ghosted View Techniques for the Exploration of Vascular Structures and Embedded Flow  (Alexandra Baer, Rocco Gasteiger, Douglas Cunningham, Bernhard Preim)
16:45 Visual Reconstructability as a Quality Metric for Flow Visualization  (Heike Jänicke, Thomas Weidner, David Chung, Robert S. Laramee, Peter Townsend, Min Chen) An Evaluation of Visualization Techniques to Illustrate Statistical Deformation Models  (Jesus Caban, Penny Rheingans, Terry Yoo)
17:10 Poster Session

Thursday, June 2

8:00 Registration
  Overview & Detail, Focus+Context Visualization Topology-based Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Helmut Doleisch Forskjønnelsen; chair: Holger Theisel
9:00 Dynamic Insets for Context-Aware Graph Navigation  (Sohaib Ghani, Nathalie Henry Riche, Niklas Elmqvist) Complete Tensor Field Topology on 2D Triangulated Manifolds embedded in 3D  (Cornelia Auer, Ingrid Hotz)
9:25 Visual Boosting in Pixel-based Visualizations  (Daniela Oelke, Halldór Janetzko, Svenja Simon, Klaus Neuhaus, Daniel A. Keim) Topological Features in 2D Symmetric Higher-Order Tensor Fields  (Thomas Schultz)
9:50 The Undistort Lens  (John Brosz, Sheelagh Carpendale, Miguel Nacenta) Stable Morse Decompositions for Piecewise Constant Vector Fields on Surfaces  (Andrzej Szymczak)
10:15 Coffee Break
  Parameter Spaces and Analysis Volume Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Jos Roerdink Forskjønnelsen; chair: Markus Hadwiger
10:45 Assisted Descriptor Selection Based on Visual Comparative Data Analysis  (Sebastian Bremm, Tatiana von Landesberger, Jürgen Bernard, Tobias Schreck) Probabilistic Marching Cubes  (Kai Pöthkow, Britta Weber, Hans-Christian Hege)
11:10 Visualization of Time-Series Data in Parameter Space for Understanding Facial Dynamics  (G. K. L. Tam, H. Fang, A. J. Aubrey, P. W. Grant, P. L. Rosin, D. Marshall, M. Chen) Depth Of Field Effects for Interactive Direct Volume Rendering  (Mathias Schott, A. V. Pascal Grosset, Tobias Martin, Vincent Pegoraro, Sean T. Smith, Charles D. Hansen)
11:35 Uncertainty-Aware Exploration of Continuous Parameter Spaces Using Multivariate Prediction  (Wolfgang Berger, Harald Piringer, Peter Filzmoser, Eduard Gröller) Visualizing the Positional and Geometrical Variability of Isosurfaces in Uncertain Scalar Fields  (Tobias Pfaffelmoser, Matthias Reitinger, Rüdiger Westermann)
12:00 Structural Decomposition Trees  (Daniel Engel, Rene' Rosenbaum, Bernd Hamann, Hans Hagen) Fast Extraction of High-quality Crease Surfaces for Visual Analysis  (Samer Barakat, Xavier Tricoche, Nathan Andrysco)
12:25 Lunch Break
  Visualization Challenges from our Partners & Sponsors
  Terminus Hall; chair: Endre M. Lidal Forskjønnelsen; chair: Ola Kr. Øye
13:45 Energy and Maritime (CMR, Schlumberger, IMR) Life Sciences (Siemens, GE Vingmed Ultrasound, MedViz, NORSIGD)
  Spatiotemporal Data Visualization Biological Data Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Tobias Schreck (new!)
Forskjønnelsen; chair: Lars Linsen
14:45 Flowstrates: An Approach for Visual Exploration of Temporal Origin-Destination Data  (Ilya Boyandin, Enrico Bertini, Peter Bak, Denis Lalanne) WaveMap: Interactively Discovering Features From Protein Flexibility Matrices Using Wavelet-based Visual Analytics  (Scott Barlowe, Yujie Liu, Jing Yang, Dennis Livesay, Donald Jacobs, James Mottonen, Deeptak Verma)
15:10 Temporal Visualization of Boundary-based Geo-information Using Radial Projection  (Yoann Drocourt, Rita Borgo, Kilian Scharrer, Suzanne Bevan, Tavi Murray, Min Chen) Visualising Errors in Animal Pedigree Genotype Data  (Martin Graham, Jessie Kennedy, Trevor Paterson, Andy Law)
15:35 Visualization and Analysis of Eddies in a Global Ocean Simulation  (Sean Williams, Matthew Hecht, Mark Petersen, Richard Strelitz, Mathew Maltrud, James Ahrens, Mario Hlawitschka, Bernd Hamann) Pathway Preserving Representation of Metabolic Networks  (Antoine Lambert, Jonathan Dubois, Romain Bourqui)
16:00 Coffee Break
  Graphs & Networks Medical Data Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Min Chen Forskjønnelsen; chair: Hans-Christian Hege
16:30 Visualizing the Evolution of Community Structures in Dynamic Social Networks  (Khairi Reda, Chayant Tantipathananandh, Andrew Johnson, Jason Leigh, Tanya Berger-Wolf) A Shader Framework for Rapid Prototyping of GPU-based Volume Rendering  (Christian Rieder, Stephan Palmer, Florian Link, Horst K. Hahn)
16:55 ImPrEd: An Improved Force-Directed Algorithm that Prevents Nodes from Crossing Edges  (Paolo Simonetto, Daniel Archambault, David Auber, Romain Bourqui) Anatomic-guided Multi-Level Exploration of Blood Flow in Cerebral Aneurysms  (Mathias Neugebauer, Gabor Janiga, Oliver Beuing, Martin Skalej, Bernhard Preim)
17:20 Visual Recommendations for Network Navigation  (Tarik Crnovrsanin, Isaac Liao, Yingcai Wu, Kwan-Liu Ma) Prostate Cancer Visualization from MR Imagery and MR Spectroscopy  (Joseph Marino, Arie Kaufman)
19:00 Social Event

Friday, June 3

  Multidimensional Data Visualization Hierarchies and Large-Scale Visualization
  Terminus Hall; chair: Penny Rheingans Forskjønnelsen; chair: Chuck Hansen
9:00 Piecewise Laplacian-based Projection for Interactive Data Exploration and Organization  (Fernando V. Paulovich, Danilo M. Eler, Jorge Poco, Charl P. Botha, Rosane Minghim, Luis G. Nonato) Tablorer - An Interactive Tree Visualization System for Tablet PCs  (Hyun Ju Shin, Gwang Hyun Park, JungHyun Han)
9:25 A Gradient-Based Comparison Measure for Visual Analysis of Multifield Data  (Suthambhara Nagaraj, Vijay Natarajan, Ravi S. Nanjundiah) Comparison of Multiple Weighted Hierarchies: Visual Analytics for Microbe Community Profiling  (Kasper Dinkla, Michel A. Westenberg, Harro M. Timmerman, Sacha A.F.T. van Hijum, Jarke J. van Wijk)
9:50 A Framework for Exploring Multidimensional Data with 3D Projections  (Jorge Poco, Ronak Etemadpour, Fernando Paulovich, Tran Van Long, Paul Rosenthal, Maria Cristina Ferreira de Oliveira, Lars Linsen, Rosane Minghim) Automatic Registration of Multi-Projector Domes Using a Single Uncalibrated Camera  (Behzad Sajadi, Aditi Majumder)
10:15 Visualizing High-Dimensional Structures by Dimension Ordering and Filtering using Subspace Analysis  (Bilkis Ferdosi, Jos Roerdink) In-situ Sampling of a Large-Scale Particle Simulation for Interactive Visualization and Analysis  (Jonathan Woodring, James Ahrens, Jeanette Figg, Joanne Wendelberger, Katrin Heitmann)
10:40 Coffee Break
11:10 Closing Ceremony
  Terminus Hall; chair: Helwig Hauser
11:40 Capstone: M. Eduard Gröller / TNBA
12:40 Lunch / Lunch To Go

Titles of accepted posters:

More information on the program of EuroVis 2011 will follow.